Fuel your mind with some food for thought. Check out our conversations with inspiring people who are going the distance with their sport whilst enjoying the good things in life.

Paul Petch, outdoor photographer and founder of Good People Run talks about why he loves the outdoors, running and visual culture and how more runners can shape our world.

An athlete's love for sport often has roots in fond memories. Katya Crema (cyclist, Rapha ambassador, 2x Winter Olympian) chats to us about her active childhood, mental and physical training, persevering through injury and why more women should have a go.

With a 15-year CV competing at the highest levels, Pip Taylor (professional triathlete, nutritionist, author and mum) is one of the most down-to-earth people we've met. Pip chats about elite racing, training and eating smarter and putting family first.

Sacha White (founder of the Vanilla Workshop) shares with us their bike building philosophy, why hard work trumps style, his thoughts on form and function and what it takes these days to hone the craft.

Lisa Thompson (distance runner and co-founder of The Farm Wholefoods) on why eating whole food and training smart trumps nutritional quick fixes and junk miles.

In an era of mass production, Steve George from Crankstar is committed to designing and building beautiful bikes that are as unique as the people behind them.