In case you haven't noticed, we have a rather bright, colourful (for some, retina-searing) illustration on the Good Fuel Co website homepage. "Why?" you might ask. We're not sure ourselves, though we did want to dedicate a big chunk of our real estate to showcasing the raw talent Australian artists have to offer.

The brief for the first piece was to capture the mental miasma at about 60km into a 100km long ride induced by excessive optimism, sun and lactic acid. We suspected no photo could capture that happy place our brain crawls off to when glycogen depletion sets in, so we were very pleased that Melbourne-based illustrator, Andrew Archer rose to the challenge!

Good Fuel Co: What are three words that describe your work?

Andrew: Fluid, colourful, surreal

Good Fuel Co: Describe a typical day (if there’s such a thing as ‘typical’ for you!)

Andrew: Wake and combo together my morning with some breakfast making, music and dancing (all at once) and then ride to the studio. I spend the whole day drawing and creating illustrations nearly everyday, sketching, roughs, colour, fixing bits, painting, scanning and everything else that comes in between. It's pretty standard for me to also dance again in the afternoon to a 90s hip hop track.

Good Fuel Co: We heard you’ve travelled alot and are a bit food obsessed. What are some of your most memorable food experiences from your travels? (whether good or bad)

Andrew: Food is my dream and the 16 months I lived in Bangkok was probably the peak of my eating career. The small food stalls run by the 80 year old man/lady who's made the same single dish for 60+ years are beyond amazing. The detail, the secrets and character in these people and their food makes it so much more than just fuel.

Good Fuel Co: You’re based in Melbourne (aka Australia’s ‘bike capital’). Do you ride often? If so, on what bike and what’s it like?

Andrew: I ride everyday - The fuji feather, I've had two of them now and love the bike, its simple and honest.

Good Fuel Co: You’ve created art for the likes of Nike, Runners World, ESPN and Red Bull. You also like your basketball and NBA. When it comes to sports and action, what do you think illustration can express that photography alone can’t capture?

Andrew: I feel like illustration has only just touched the surface with sports - There is so much room to bring a level of personality and character to athletes and sports through illustration that I think at times photography can't do. They both have their strengths but it's definitely refreshing to see illustration being used and also illustration being used within photography and vice versa.

Good Fuel Co: What’s been your favourite commercial project and why?

Andrew: I worked with Nike basketball late last year on some apparel and promotional work and hopefully will do so again later this year. The project just touched every passion of mine, the love of basketball, the style of work they wanted (Asian inspired) and the relation to product.

Good Fuel Co: What are you working on now?

Andrew: An illo for Verge about how I would envision the future of virtual reality, some illustrations to be animated for a couple of TV ads, some soccer world cup illos for Adidas and a personal project I'll be launching later this year.

Good Fuel Co: What is one thing about you that would surprise most people?

Andrew: Maybe not so surprising but people often comment on it - I'm pretty much exactly my illustrations - My work is a huge extension of me as a person, the basketball, the Asian influence, culture, food, clothing, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, colour, fluidity and forever more.

Check out some of Andrew's other projects below:

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