The Wonderful Socks

The Wonderful Socks make luxury socks for professional athletes, weekend warriors and multi-sport lovers, who strive to push themselves to the limit. Every single Wonderful Sock tells a story inspired by the achievements of great sportspeople, whether a race or a single extraordinary sporting event. ‘Bubba’ is a tribute to Forrest Gump’s epic run across the USA. ‘Arenberg’ is a celebration of the Paris-Roubaix race, also known as the Enfer du Nord. ‘Seoul 1988’, an homage to Gelindo Bordin’s Olympic Marathon Gold Medal. ‘The Climb’, a poem to all cyclists who love to climb mountains.

Each pair is made in Italy and designed by world-class creative talents. All Wonderful socks feature Prolypropylene Dryan and Resistex Carbon, making them breathable, resistant, insulating, lightweight, soft, antibacterial and comfortable. extreme conditions. These features will keep your feet warm and dry in winter or cool and fresh in summer, guaranteeing the best performance in all conditions.